Solar Capacity Pre-approval
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Solar Capacity Pre-Approval

To help you make the most of your solar investment, use this tool to find out how much solar or battery capacity you can connect to our grid.

Customers with grid-connected solar or battery system can generate their own energy and send any excess electricity back to the grid. But this can impact on the safety and reliability of others connected on the local network, so we have location-specific capacity limits.

Note: This tool is for customers wanting to install a grid connect system with a total inverter capacity of less than 5 kW per phase (or 15kW for a three phase system).

To find the capacity you can connect to our grid, add the ratings of your solar and battery inverters. If the sum is less than 5 kW per phase, use this tool to get your system approved.

Approval is valid for 90 days.

Please read our terms and conditions to continue.